KREA Hair Straightener Brush (3D MCH Tourmaline Technology) Straightens Hair In 4 Mins

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KREA is the BEST Hair Straightener In India! Get Yours Right Now & Do Yourself A Favour.

KREA offers style-conscious modern women like you, who value time, money and convenience -  an opportunity to get salon-like hair straightening and shine treatment effortlessly. It comes with a Tourmaline-infused ceramic brush head, custom LED temperature controls and an ergonomic design for better usability. It is the fastest and the most hi-tech hair straightener in the market.

Get Salon-Like Straightened Hair In Just 4 Mins With KREA - India’s Fastest Hair Straightening BRUSH

I love straightened hair.

Every girl I know loves it too.

But I’m sure you know that straightening is just too much of a hassle...

Yes, the parlours are great but take too much time, effort and money.

Travelling in pollution & traffic, waiting for your turn at the parlour and then paying so much doesn’t help in making the experience any better.

The next best option is hair straightening at home. It is cheap and but so is end result, atleast for me.

I mostly end up burning my hair or my scalp. By the way, I take so much time that I’ll mostly be late to wherever I’m going to.

So what did I do?

I did what you, me and most of the modern, young women have been doing - I stopped straightening my hair often.

It's only when there is a function at home, party at office or a get together with friends that I straighten my hair.

Krea Brush

But I still don’t completely have the freedom to straighten the way I like, even on those few occasions.

If it's raining or it’s rush-hour time, I can’t go to the salon even if I want to. I’m forced to fiddle with my frustrating flat iron Philips straightener that my sister gifted when I was in intermediate.

And when I actually have time and feel like leisurely straightening my hair at home - there’ll be a power cut or something and I’m forced to pay up and go to the salon.

So basically, even though I love my straightened look, even though I get compliments from every guy at work and every girl in my cab - I just can’t go through the frustrating process that hair straightening is.

Hey, but before we go further..

Can you relate to this?

Do you love your hair too.. and know you can rock the straightened look?

And most importantly - do you pray, wish and dream of the day when straightening your hair is as quick and easy as brushing your hair with a comb?

Well, if you’re a modern, young and straightened hair lover like me - your dream just came true!

KREA - India’s Fastest & Most High-Tech Hair Straightener

Introducing KREA 3D Tourmaline Ceramic Hair Straightener Brush - the fastest, safest and the most high-tech hair straightener ever.

KREA offers style-conscious modern women like you, who value time, money and convenience - an opportunity to get salon-like hair straightening and shine treatment effortlessly. Maximum bang for your buck - guaranteed!

Read on and I’m sure you’ll be surprised by the features it has and the price it comes for...

Krea Brush
buy it now - Rs. 10,000 Rs. 3,999.00

KREA offers style-conscious modern women like you, who value time, money and convenience - an opportunity to get salon-like hair straightening and shine treatment effortlessly. Maximum bang for your buck - guaranteed!

KREA’s Technology doesn’t just sound cool, it’s actually very cool.

  • KREA uses cutting-edge MCH (metal ceramic heater) 3D print circuit technology that lets the ceramic brush heat up to 180 degrees celsius in less than 30 seconds. This technology lets it absorb the stress of extreme and super-fasting heating while giving your hair a beautiful salon-like shine and straightened look in just 4 minutes.
  • The inner modules of the brush are made of tungsten metal and molybdenum-manganese which sustain high temperatures for a longer period while still keeping power (electric) consumption to a bare minimum.
  • It uses Korean tourmaline ceramic coating technology which is a first for any branded hair straightener in the India.
  • KREA uses CE certified industry-grade plastics, electronic circuits and insulated electrical connections so that the product is always safe and in top shape even after years of rugged use. Our full-replacement warranty is proof of the trust we have in our product. We are very sure that it will last a very, very long time.
Krea Brush

What is Korean Tourmaline? How Does It Make KREA Unique?

Tourmaline used in KREA is a crystal silicate mineral that aids in the hair smoothing process. Tourmaline emits negative ions that counteract the positive ions present in dry or damaged hair. It can produce six times more negative ions than ceramic plates - hence making your hair naturally smooth and shiny. It even helps to replenish moisture in your hair and hence reduces frizz better than any regular ceramic hair straightener.

Why KREA is the BEST Hair Straightener In India right now!

Krea Brush

5X Faster

KREA comes with a 3D circuit and a tourmaline-infused ceramic head that lets you straighten your hair in less than 4 minutes- so that you can spend more time on your makeup and dressing. It also means you’ll avoid rush-hour traffic to work, or avoiding surge pricing on OLA for a Saturday night-out, thanks to super fast salon-like hair straightening that KREA offers.

Krea Brush

5X Convenience

KREA has a hi-tech LED display with custom setting capabilities to change temperature from 80 to 220 degrees celsius. It also heats up to optimal straightening temperature of 180 degrees in less than 30 seconds making it convenient for you to easily heat up.

Krea Brush

5X Consistency & Shine

The double ion generator head that helps heat consistently and revitalised your dry hair to bring extra silky shine so that you don’t need to use a shine & conditioning cream afterwards. It also has a temperature-lock feature so that you can custom-set and save the temperature setting that works best for you.

Krea Brush

5X Safer

Comb-tooth inspired ends protect your scalp from heat burn so you don’t need to worry about applying oil or conditioner later. KREA comes with a LED Temperature display to actually control the temperature and set it to one that you’re comfortable with. It also has a 60-min auto switch-off option so that you don’t have to worry about forgetting to pull the plug off after you’ve left the house.

Krea Brush

5X Reliability

It has technology & built quality that’s so robust that you will never have to worry about its functionality and performance, whether you are using it for long hours at home or taking it with you on a holiday. KREA also comes with a 1-year replacement warranty.

Krea Brush

5X More Efficient

KREA electrical circuits have manganese and tungsten inside - thus making it highly energy efficient and safe to use for long periods. Its ceramic head with ergonomically designed bristles makes it easy and efficient to you - saving time, effort and even electricity.

Krea Brush

Winner - TBB User’s Choice Awards 2016

KREA not just the fastest but also the best hair straightener in India right now. It has also won the hearts of million+ Bridal Box users who showed their love by nominating it for the TBB User’s Choice Award 2016 (in Beauty Appliances Category).

Krea Brush


KREA comes with a “One Year Full Replacement Warranty” that covers any kind of quality issues or manufacturing defects that may arise. It also has complete on-call customer service available on all working days. The product has robust electricals and circuiting and even after a year if there is anything that you might need you can contact us or take it to any reputable electrical store for a quick fix.

Krea Brush


KREA comes with a “No Questions Asked” 30-day return policy. We are serious about our customers’ satisfaction and will strictly adhere to the policy of FULL REFUND if you wish to return the product within 30 days of purchase. No Questions Will Be Asked.

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