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Now Get Any Hairstyle In Just 10 Mins With KREA OMNISTYLER - India's 1st All In One Hair Styling Tool!

Every woman wants stylish, stunning hair - whether pin-straight or lusciously curled.

But does every woman get to have that easily?

Uptil now, gorgeous hair hasn’t been easy to achieve. And the hairstyling tools available today, definitely do not make it easy for you at all.

In fact -

  • Most hair styling tools are too hot, and can easily burn your hair and scalp
  • Professional salon trips are too expensive to do as regularly as you need
  • Curling or straightening hair at home is way too time-consuming
  • Separate styling tools for different hairstyles is too much of a hassle

If you’re nodding or agreeing to even one of these, you just made the first step.

Towards finding a solution.

Yes, there’s a solution to all of these troubles. You’re just one sentence away from finding the relief and good news that you need!

Read on to find out about a hair styling tool that completely changes the styling game!

KREA OMNISTYLER - A Truly ALL IN ONE Hair Styling Tool

Introducing to you, KREA OMNISTYLER: All In One Hair Styler that combines the functionality of a straighter AND a curler! This one styling tool can replace all your current styling devices, because OMNISTYLER does it all!

The fastest, safest, and most hard-working hairstyling tool for you, to give you nothing short of professionally straightened or curled hair, every time you use it - anywhere!

OMNISTYLER knows that you mean business when you style your hair.

You don’t want hairstyling to take forever. You want it done in as few steps as possible. With as few tools as possible. And with a device that’s professional, that feels proper to use, and is more valuable than the price you pay.

So, you’re probably asking yourself something.

What makes KREA OMNISTYLER such a unique breakthrough?

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OMNISTYLER’s Technology Is THE Latest, Best, & Safest In Hairstyling
  • ALL-ROUND HAIRSTYLER THAT’S TRULY ALL IN ONE: Want a straightener that gives you pin-straight hair that lasts for days? You got it. At the same time, want a curler that gives you beachy waves to frame your face? You got it. Want a combination hairstyle, or tight ringlets, or volumizing straight hair? Have it all, with KREA OMNISTYLER.
  • SIMPLE STRAIGHTENING, FAMILIAR CURLING: You don’t have to learn a new tool just to curl your hair! Now, get the curls and the looks without losing the familiarity of a straightener. Comfortably straighten your hair, and just as comfortably - curl your hair! Curling has truly never felt so natural!
  • OMNISAFE ABSOLUTE SAFETY: OF COURSE other MCH irons can easily burn your hair, skin or scalp! Why? They dangerously heat up to 700 degrees F - damaging working parts, reducing the iron’s lifespan, and being dangerous to you. OMNISTYLER’s PTC Heater heats up no more than 400 degrees F, and cools down rapidly - so you can be as safe as possible! Forgot to switch it off? Our 60-minute auto-shutdown feature will save your iron and your fuse. Safer, built-to-last, no worries about heat-related malfunctions.
  • 5-STEP PRECISION STYLING: Want a consistent style throughout your hair? Or different styles? Even better: want to make your own special style, by playing with the intensity of the heat and of the curling action? Only with OMNISTYLER, you can do as you please. Our iron comes with 5 preset temperatures to style your hair as accurately as possible. No extra heat, just perfect styles!
  • OMNIEASY: With angled-arms, OMNISTYLER is able to section your hair easier, and at an angle that produces the best curls when glided on correctly! The PTC Heater uses silicone chips instead of heating rods, so you’ll use much less power. Especially since the maximum temperature is only 400 degrees F, compared to about 700 with other irons!
  • AS RELIABLE AS IT GETS: We are passionate about your beauty, and your happiness. The heater, the metal body, and all internal components are truly and immensely - durable. No overheating, so no damaged parts. That only means absolutely long-lasting use! Keeping you even more in mind, OMNISTYLER comes with one year warranty, so you can have a risk-free process throughout!
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How Is OMNISTYLER Truly An ALL IN ONE Styling Tool?
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10X Faster

OMNISTYLER can curl or straighten hair in less than 10 minutes*. Even elaborate hairstyles take only a fraction of the time! Because you’re using the easiest a highly effective heating iron, and Just as importantly, there is no switching between two or three tools to achieve straight and curled looks. Want wavy ends with straight hair near the roots? Get it with the same device! Spend more time doing everything else, that you really want to do.

OMNISTYLER is adamant about saving your time - all while getting you salon-like results!

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10X Convenience

KREA OMNISTYLER gives you the comfort you've always wanted while styling your hair. With a curler, you’ll on edge being careful not to burn or damage your hair. With OMNISTYLER, curling feels just as easy as straightening! And is just as safe. OMNISTYLER also has 5 temperature settings, from 350 to 400 degrees F. Don’t want to carry a straightener and a curler in your bag? Save space and stress by having just ONE tool perform both functions superlatively!

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10X Precise

OMNISTYLER was especially chosen to have a PTC Heating component in it. PTC Heaters are far more precise than other common heating irons - like MCH Heaters. With 5 preset temperatures to style your hair as accurately as possible, you can have consistency without worrying about whether your iron is too hot or not! Especially when temperature is key to achieving your desired curl or straight hair.

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10X Safer

MCH Heaters wildly heats up to 700 degrees F, which can ruin internal parts,, and the whole device itself. More significantly - other straighteners and especially curling irons - cam burn your skin, hair and scalp badly even if you have a small slip-up. OMNISTYLER’s PTC Heater has a maximum temperature of 400 degrees F. Due to its structure, it can cool down rapidly - protecting against and eliminating any accidents or mishaps that can happen. Additionally, our 60-minute auto-shutdown feature remembers to save your iron and power use.

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10X Reliability

Since OMNISTYLER uses a PTC Heaters that cools down rapidly, and has safe maximum temperature - your device will be truly durable. No extra heat, nor rapid heating, to damage internal parts. You can use it for long hours, or for 10 minutes - and OMNISTYLER will stand by your side fully robust. And since we want you to know that we immensely value your business with us, OMNISTYLER also comes with a 1-year replacement warranty. We’ve got your back.

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10X More Efficient

The angled arms that are characteristic only of OMNISTYLER - help section your hair easily. When you want to curl. The angled arms are also what make curling as easy as straightening! As you glide sections of your hair in in between the angled arms, they change shape at that angle, which defines the curl and its direction. Other straighteners do not have angled arms, which can make curls harder to achieve. OMNISTYLER is built to obey your every styling wish!

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How Is OMNISTYLER So Formidable, Yet So Affordable?!
  1. The product is manufactured and sold by KREA directly - online. This phenomenally reduces the cost of marketing and distribution. Instead of offering big margins and commissions to distributors and retailers, we wish to transfer that cost benefit to our buyers.
  2. KREA believes in real testimonials and good word-of-mouth from its users. We don’t spend millions on advertisements and hence don’t have the burden to charge our users for it. We believe you will surely suggest it to your friends after you use it and that is how we’ve grown to become such a big brand.
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KREA OMNISTYLER is delivered FOR FREE anywhere within India! We understand how much you want to be able to afford and benefit from the multi-purpose styling powerhouse that is OMNISTYLER. In a small token of thanks for your trust in us, delivery is COMPLETELY free!

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KREA comes with a “One Year Full Replacement Warranty” that covers any kind of quality issues or manufacturing defects that may arise. It also has complete on-call customer service available on all working days. The product has robust electricals and circuiting and even after a year if there is anything that you might need you can contact us or take it to any reputable electrical store for a quick fix.

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KREA comes with a “No Questions Asked” 30-day return policy. We are serious about our customers’ satisfaction and will strictly adhere to the policy of FULL REFUND if you wish to return the product within 30 days of purchase. No Questions Will Be Asked.


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Why OMNISTYLER Is Absolutely Worth Every Rupee

OMNISTYLER is a breakthrough in hairstyling. Never before in India has there been a device that’s so versatile, so efficient, and so easy to use. The most advanced, user-friendly technology brought to your fingertips. Have the styling powerhouse that is OMNISTYLER, and you’ll thank yourself for a new reason everyday! In comparison, bigger brands and/or international ones do not service our country well. But there’s more reasons why KREA OMNISTYLER is the best bang for your buck -

  • First hair straightener in India that is all in one - both straightening and curling your hair however you like it, in whatever style, wherever you want. Create custom hairstyles, create easy straight hair, and easier curls - all with the same device. There is no Indian brand that offers a product like ours!
  • KREA OMNISTYLER employs a PTC Heater, as opposed to MCH Heaters found in other heaters. This lets the iron cool rapidly, and won’t reach dangerously high temperatures like MCH Heaters do! No more burning your scalp, scarring your skin, or blazing your hair away. Also, this lets you have total control over the on your hair. And won’t ruin the internal working parts. Nothing comes close to OMNISTYLER in terms of temperature precision. All to give you ANY hairstyle you want in just under 10 minutes.
  • KREA OMNISTYLER is the only hairstyling tool of its kind that offers a 1 Year Full Replacement Warranty against any and all manufacturing defects.
  • No brand in India today offers a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. That means if you’re not happy with your OMNISTYLER, you can promptly return it and claim a 100% refund! Yes, that’s how sure we are about the performance OMNISTYLER delivers. And that’s just based on the incredibly warm feedback we receive from thousands of happy users every week. We’re happy to share that 99.85% of customers have loved KREA OMNISTYLER. They thought it was as much a game-changer as it already is, and have not requested a return in the 30-day window.
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  • The fact that OMNISTYLER is sold directly and exclusively by the company online actually helps us in keeping a check on the costs and offer your this world-class product at a price that is far more reasonable than high-end imports available in the market today. It is simple economics, we don't need to pay distributor or retailer commissions and are happier transferring that cost benefit to you.
  • The success of KREA OMNISTYLER has brought many fake and cheaper replicas into the market that neither have the quality, performance or usability that KREA offers. These Chinese products are not just low on quality but also greatly jeopardise your safety. The fact that they do not come with any sort of quality certifications, safety measures, warranty or performance guarantees is also something we want you to know of. One more reason why you should always buy the original OMNISTYLER.
Here's How Beautiful Women Like You Are Loving KREA!

User Reviews

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"I desperately and definitely wanted to save money on my beauty concerns. I knew that this was more expensive than buying a basic straightener and a curler. I thought I need not have 2 sub-par products, and instead can have one super product that does both straightening and curling really well. I’m actually so happy with what I received. In almost every way, it’s exactly what a cost-cutting person like me would like. Love the black body, it took a couple of days to use it correctly, but once I did, what an easy time I’m, having while styling! About 15 minutes for straight and curly hair, including some basic make-up and breaks. It’s changed my styling routine for the better. Absolutely an affordable, important upgrade for any style-loving woman."

Order No: BQX1509
Krea Brush

"I’ve been so scared of trying a curling iron, they look very industrial like they might fry or damage my hair. So seeing an ad for this online was like an unreal experience. Really? You can straighten and curl with the same device, with similar motions, and it’s just as safe??!?!! My disbelief was proven wrong, OMNISTYLER does what it says… and I feel like it’s very dependable. I’m a little ditsy so the auto-shutdown feature is very useful, at least for me. The curls look so professional, and are so bouncy! I didn’t think I would love this tool so much - I have it in my bag almost all the time."

Order No: BQT1958
Krea Brush

“Salons are too expensive. And I sometimes go to different saloons for straight and curly styles on me, for the best results… So obviously my expenses were high. I don’t go out often, but I like for myself to look good when I do. OMNISTYLER cut all my expenses, seriously… I took some time to learn how it works (as I really wanted to cut costs), and once I did, I’m, able to do most of my hairstyling so quickly, no waiting, no appointments, no hassle. And at no cost. Around 10 uses, and I already made up for the investment in OMNISTYLER, and not spending on parlours. The staff miss me there now lol!"

Order No: BQF3698


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Zero. We are offering FREE delivery across India by courier.

Your product will be delivered within 5 business days from the date you have placed your order and made the payment.

Yes, we deliver to any location within India.

Yes, we deliver to any location within India.


OMNISTYLER is entirely different from other curling irons. And is fundamentally different from other straighteners. Curling irons expose a lot more of its heated surface, and that makes it dangerous and tricky to use. Other straighteners have arms that are open parallel to each other, while OMNISTYLER has angled arms that open at an acute angle to facilitate curling. OMNISTYLER’s curling action is truly unique, and one of a kind - able to greatly vary curl intensity safely. All just to give you any kind of hairstyle you desire!

This is important to know. Proper usage will lead to stunning hairstyles and consistent results, so please take your time to know how to use it.

As you can see, KREA OMNISTYLER has a “Curl” mark at the bottom, on one of the sides. This side will be the side you use to curl. When you place it on any surface, please ensure that this side is always facing upwards. You will also be able to see the power button facing up as well.

To curl your right side, place the side with the “Curl” mark closest to your scalp, with a section of hair in between the plates. Once you clamp your hair near the scalp, rotate the iron so that the side with the “Curl” mark is seen in the mirror. Glide slowly towards the mirror (so in front of you, not to the side) with very light pressure.

To curl your left side, life your right elbow, and place the side with the “Curl” symbol closest to the scalp. Once you clamp a section of your hair, rotate to see the “Curl” mark in the mirror, and glide slowly towards it with light pressure.

To straighten your hair,

Short answer: Yes!

Long answer: You will take even lesser time, if you learn how to use it properly. Please watch our usage videos and follow out guidelines thoroughly. Do not hesitate to contact out styling experts at (ENTER THE DAMN NUMBER HEA). to clarify how to use OMNISTYLER.

Once you get the hang of it, you will truly not need any other hairstyling device at all!

Absolutely not! With proper usage, there is simply ZERO chance of burning yourself, unless intentionally. Remember that OMNISTLYER is not like other curling wands and tools, which expose so much of the heated area to your hair and skin. Instead, the irons are covered, like in a straightener. OMNISTYLER is even safer than most other straighteners too, as it uses a PTC Heater instead of MCH Heater. Rapidly cools, has a lesser but just as effective maximum temperature, so the heat does lesser damage to the device, and no damage to you!

Sure! Please find the spe ficiatin details below -

Heater Type: PTC Heater
Rated Power: 50W
Rate Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Rate Voltage: 100-200 V (Can be used with any 2-pin plug points)
Temp Indicator: 5-Step Temperature Control
Net Weight: 360 Gms

Lesser time than it takes to heat a cup of coffee - 30 seconds.

The power cord is a full 2 feet in length - allowing your mobility away from the power socket.

OMNISTYLER has a 5-Step Temperature Control System that lets you be extremely repcuse with the amount of heat you want on your hair.

The five settings are a) 140C/284F, b) 160C/320F, c) 180C/356F, d) 200C/392F, and e) 230C/446F.

Maximum flexibility, and maximum consistency.

NEVER! The KREA brush is safer than most other straighteners in the market.

In its current form, the KREA brush suits most hair types. Though the duration might change with respect to different hair characteristics, KREA will dramatically reduce the straightening time and provide a pleasant hair straightening experience.

NO. Always remember that the brush must be used only on dry hair. The hair must also be clear of moisturizers and any other chemicals that aren't supposed to be used with heat.

The KREA brush must be cleaned only when it has cooled off and is disconnected from the socket. You can use a damp cloth (or a toothbrush) to clean it.

Yes. You can use the brush to shape your hair inwards and outwards.

Yes, KREA comes with a ONE (1) Year replacement warranty. Please contact us in case your product becomes defective or malfunctions due to faulty workmanship within 1 year from the date of purchase.

Warranty details:
If you want to claim warranty, please submit the proof of the purchase you have made. This must be in the form of your purchase details.

Please note that this warranty is not applicable to any accessories that are supplied along with the product.

Only the original purchaser can avail this warranty, and this warranty is not transferable.

Replacement products, for the remaining time of the warranty period, will be covered by a limited warranty.

Note that your warranty is void if:

  • The product is damaged, dropped, or has come in contact with water.
    Any specific part of the product is tampered with or opened.
  • The product is used for any industrial, trade, hire or professional purposes - or anything else apart from what is stated in KREA’s marketing literature.
  • The product has been damaged due to any foreign objects, or by accident.
    IMPORTANT: Note that the defective product or parts alone will be replaced under this warranty.


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