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Krea Brush

I love straightened hair.

Every girl I know loves it too.

But I’m sure you know that straightening is just too much of a hassle...

Yes, the parlours are great but take too much time, effort and money.

Travelling in pollution & traffic, waiting for your turn at the parlour and then paying so much doesn’t help in making the experience any better.

The next best option is hair straightening at home. It is cheap and but so is the end result, atleast for me.

I mostly end up burning my hair or my scalp. By the way, I take so much time that I’ll mostly be late to wherever I’m going to.

So what did I do?

I did what you, me and most of the modern, young women have been doing - I stopped straightening my hair often.

It's only when there is a function at home, party at office or a get together with friends that I straighten my hair.

But I still don’t completely have the freedom to straighten the way I like, even on those few occasions.

If it's raining or it’s rush-hour time, I can’t go to the salon even if I want to. I’m forced to fiddle with my frustrating flat iron Philips straightener that my sister gifted when I was in intermediate.

And when I actually have time and feel like leisurely straightening my hair at home - there’ll be a power cut or something and I’m forced to pay up and go to the salon.

So basically, even though I love my straightened look, even though I get compliments from every guy at work and every girl in my cab - I just can’t go through the frustrating process that hair straightening is.

Hey, but before we go further..

Can you relate to this?

Do you love your hair too.. and know you can rock the straightened look?

And most importantly - do you pray, wish and dream of the day when straightening your hair is as quick and easy as brushing your hair with a comb?

Well, if you’re a modern, young and straightened hair lover like me - your dream just came true!

KREA - India’s Fastest & Most High-Tech Hair Straightener

Introducing KREA 3D Tourmaline Ceramic Hair Straightener Brush - the fastest, safest and the most high-tech hair straightener ever.

KREA offers style-conscious modern women like you, who value time, money and convenience - an opportunity to get salon-like hair straightening and shine treatment effortlessly. Maximum bang for your buck - guaranteed!

Read on and I’m sure you’ll be surprised by the features it has and the price it comes for...

Krea Brush
Krea Brush


KREA’s Technology doesn’t just sound cool, it’s actually very cool.
  • KREA uses cutting-edge MCH (metal ceramic heater) 3D print circuit technology that lets the ceramic brush heat up to 180 degrees celsius in less than 30 seconds. This technology lets it absorb the stress of extreme and super-fasting heating while giving your hair a beautiful salon-like shine and straightened look in just 4 minutes.
  • The inner modules of the brush are made of tungsten metal and molybdenum-manganese which sustain high temperatures for a longer period while still keeping power (electric) consumption to a bare minimum.
  • It uses Korean tourmaline ceramic coating technology which is a first for any branded hair straightener in the India.
  • KREA uses CE certified industry-grade plastics, electronic circuits and insulated electrical connections so that the product is always safe and in top shape even after years of rugged use. Our full-replacement warranty is proof of the trust we have in our product. We are very sure that it will last a very, very long time.
Krea Brush

What is Korean Tourmaline? How Does It Make KREA Unique?

Tourmaline used in KREA is a crystal silicate mineral that aids in the hair smoothing process. Tourmaline emits negative ions that counteract the positive ions present in dry or damaged hair. It can produce six times more negative ions than ceramic plates - hence making your hair naturally smooth and shiny. It even helps to replenish moisture in your hair and hence reduces frizz better than any regular ceramic hair straightener.

Why KREA is the BEST Hair Straightener In India right now!
Krea Brush

5X Faster

KREA comes with a 3D circuit and a tourmaline-infused ceramic head that lets you straighten your hair in less than 4 minutes- so that you can spend more time on your makeup and dressing. It also means you’ll avoid rush-hour traffic to work, or avoiding surge pricing on OLA for a Saturday night-out, thanks to super fast salon-like hair straightening that KREA offers.

Krea Brush

5X Convenience

KREA has a hi-tech LED display with custom setting capabilities to change temperature from 80 to 220 degrees celsius. It also heats up to optimal straightening temperature of 180 degrees in less than 30 seconds making it convenient for you to easily heat up.

Krea Brush

5X Consistency & Shine

The double ion generator head that helps heat consistently and revitalised your dry hair to bring extra silky shine so that you don’t need to use a shine & conditioning cream afterwards. It also has a temperature-lock feature so that you can custom-set and save the temperature setting that works best for you.

Krea Brush

5X Safer

Comb-tooth inspired ends protect your scalp from heat burn so you don’t need to worry about applying oil or conditioner later. KREA comes with a LED Temperature display to actually control the temperature and set it to one that you’re comfortable with. It also has a 60-min auto switch-off option so that you don’t have to worry about forgetting to pull the plug off after you’ve left the house.

Krea Brush

5X Reliability

It has technology & built quality that’s so robust that you will never have to worry about its functionality and performance, whether you are using it for long hours at home or taking it with you on a holiday. KREA also comes with a 1-year replacement warranty.

Krea Brush

5X More Efficient

KREA electrical circuits have manganese and tungsten inside - thus making it highly energy efficient and safe to use for long periods. Its ceramic head with ergonomically designed bristles makes it easy and efficient to you - saving time, effort and even electricity.

Krea Brush

Know how KREA is so high on tech yet low on cost!
  1. The product is manufactured and sold by KREA directly - online. This phenomenally reduces the cost of marketing and distribution. Instead of offering big margins and commissions to distributors and retailers, we wish to transfer that cost benefit to our buyers.
  2. KREA believes in real testimonials and good word-of-mouth from its users. We don’t spend millions on advertisements and hence don’t have the burden to charge our users for it. We believe you will surely suggest it to your friends after you use it and that is how we’ve grown to become such a big brand.
Krea Brush

Winner - TBB User’s Choice Awards 2017

KREA not just the fastest but also the best hair straightener in India right now. It has also won the hearts of million+ Bridal Box users who showed their love by nominating it for the TBB User’s Choice Award 2017 (in Beauty Appliances Category).

Krea Brush


KREA comes with a “One Year Full Replacement Warranty” that covers any kind of quality issues or manufacturing defects that may arise. It also has complete on-call customer service available on all working days. The product has robust electricals and circuiting and even after a year if there is anything that you might need you can contact us or take it to any reputable electrical store for a quick fix.

Krea Brush


KREA comes with a “No Questions Asked” 30-day return policy. We are serious about our customers’ satisfaction and will strictly adhere to the policy of FULL REFUND if you wish to return the product within 30 days of purchase. No Questions Will Be Asked.


Styling Experts Have Been Amazed By KREA!!

It is not often that celebrity hair stylists who get to use the most expensive and exclusive styling tools are overwhelmed by a new product. But that is exactly what happened when we put KREA in their hands and asked them to try it out for a month. The feedback was amazing, and now KREA has become a standard fixture at high-end salons across the country (2947 KREAs were bought by salons across 6 metro cities as on 27th Dec, 2016). Here’s what renowned hair styling experts have to say about KREA.

Honestly, I was expecting this to be a PR exercise we often see and gave the sample piece to my assistants. I was totally curious when they starting finishing off their work faster and easily. That’s when they told me that the new brush is actually making them straighten hair much faster and better. Thanks to the tourmaline, it was giving my clients a better, natural shine than before too. We are happy to not just endorse KREA but can say that it is now a part of our hair styling arsenal at stores across metros.
- Joseph Kutty (Scissor Hands) Feb 14, 2017

It is a good product. It does not heat the plastics like other brands and works very well. KREA has been given to us for one month and we are happy with the service it gave our clients. It is something that has the potential to put us out of business if we let people use it at home. On a more serious note, it is a very appealing product, something that should have come to India much before.
- Sanjana Reddy ( SR Essense) Apr 12, 2017


Krea Brush

Why KREA Is Totally Worth Your Money

Honestly, there is nothing in the market like KREA today. A package that is so hi-tech, safe and fast that there is nothing to compare with KREA at this price point. The big brands don't offer so many features and the lesser-selling international ones are very expensive and do not have proper service in India. And here’s why KREA truly is maximum bang for your buck.

  • First hair straightener in India that uses real Korean Tourmaline in the brush head, which naturally revitalises your hair and gives it a bouncy, silky feel. There is no Indian brand even today that offers Korean Tourmaline in the market.
  • It comes with Conformité Européene certification and employs top quality 3D MCH technology. This is the reason why KREAs ceramic bristles heat up very quickly and give you salon-like straightened hair in just 5 minutes.
  • KREA is the only hair straightener that offers a 1 Year Full Replacement Warranty against any manufacturing defects.
  • No brand today in India offers a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee - if you’re not happy with your KREA, you can return it and claim a full money refund! Yes, that is how sure we are about the performance KREA offers based on the feedback from thousands of happy users. We are also happy to share that 99.85% of customers have loved KREA and have found it to be so effective that they have not requested for a return in the 30 day window.
Krea Brush
  • The fact that KREA is sold directly and exclusively by the company online actually helps us in keeping a check on the costs and offer your this world-class product at a price that is far more reasonable than high-end imports available in the market today. It is simple economics, we don't need to pay distributor or retailer commissions and are happier transferring that cost benefit to you.
  • The success of KREA has brought many fake and cheaper replicas into the market that neither have the quality, performance or usability that KREA offers. These Chinese products are not just low on quality but also greatly jeopardise your safety. The fact that they do not come with any sort of quality certifications, safety measures, warranty or performance guarantees is also something we want you to know of. One more reason why you should always buy the original KREA.
  • KREA now comes with a 50% OFF that only makes the deal sweeter and is one of the very few straightener brands to offer an EMI so that you can buy now and pay later. So make the most of it right now!
Here's How Beautiful Women Like You Are Loving KREA!

User Reviews

Krea Brush

"Was looking for a straightener that could fit in my bag as I travel a lot and was pocket friendly too. Krea delivered more than what I expected with superb build quality & stylish black body."

Order No: BQX1509
Krea Brush

"Its fast! I really didn't expect a straightener to be so fast and easy to use. But after using it regularly - I now have extra time for makeup in the mornings as KREA gets the job done in just 5 mins. "

Order No: BQT1958
Krea Brush

"I hated spending on salons. I have frizzy hair and it killed the way I looked. KREA was an investment I wont regret. It saved me a lot on salon costs and is super fast too! LED DISPLAY is a Bonus for me."

Order No: BQF3698


BONUS: Get An Extensive Hair Styling Tools Set Worth Rs.2000/- For FREE
Krea Brush

Get a premium set of 6 styling tools ( 2 sizes of magic puff, one French tool, one curles, one bun-maker & one twister) from KREA to style your hair in many ways. This styling set is worth Rs.2000/- and we'd love to give it to you for FREE! This is in addition to the FLAT 50% OFF which bumps up the total savings you get when you buy KREA to Rs.7000/-. So HURRY and make the most of this limited period offer.

See How The 6 Free Styling Tools Work For You.

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  • KREA + Bonus Worth Rs. 12,000 Now At Just

    Rs.4,999 only
  • EMI Starts From Rs.250/-
  • 30 Day Money Back - 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Free Shipping - Cash On Delivery
Krea Brush

 Krea Brush Krea Brush Krea Brush Krea Brush


Zero. We are offering FREE delivery across India by courier.

Your product will be delivered within 5 business days from the date you have placed your order and made the payment.

Yes, we deliver to any location within India.

As soon as you place the order on, you will receive a confirmation message on your registered mobile and also email alert on your mail ID.

Your sealed pack KREA Brush, will immediately get dispatched from our warehouse through our logistic partner and be sent to your shipping address mentioned in the order details. You will be able to track your order from this point to delivery.

Our logistic partner will call you on your registered mobile number before attempting delivery.

In the case of Cash On Delivery ( COD) orders, our logistic partner will inform you to have the cash amount at hand before attempting delivery.

We service to all major pin codes and cities to serve maximum customers of ours.

There is no installation/ assembly required for the product, your brand new KREA is good to use as delivered.


Brushing is an intuitive way for anybody to style their hair! And for this reason, KREA is the ideal device to help you style your hair both at the front and the back. In addition, the KREA brush has a unique 3D surface that is much wider than that of a regular hair straightener. This is how the brush can style very large strands at one stroke and drastically reduce the straightening time (If you usually take 30 minutes to straighten your hair, with KREA it just takes 2 – 4 minutes). That's how quick KREA can be – so give it a try!

For best results, hold the hair strands from the other side as you brush.
You can use KREA both inwards and outwards. The ceramic coating and protective structure of the brush enable you to use KREA just like any other regular brush. You don't even have to worry if your scalp would get burnt. Because it simply won't!

In order to enjoy stunning results with KREA, remember this three simple rules – USE ONLY ON HAIR THAT IS DRY (ensure you DON'T use the brush on moist or moisturized hair); BRUSH SLOWLY IN A PULLING MOTION (the pace of brushing must ensure the hair absorbs the heat properly, and hence your pace must be the same as that of using an iron); ENSURE YOUR HAIR GETS RIGHT INTO THE INNER AREA OF THE BRUSH (ensure your hair penetrates the hot purple teeth of the brush, and brush slowly such that your hair absorbs the heat).

You sure can! This is why KREA beats the competition without any effort. Though the duration depends on your hair type, the average straightening time with KREA is about 4 minutes (which is about a tenth of the average duration with a regular hair straightener).

Absolutely not! The ceramic surface heats up to only the optimal temperature (which you can also control manually) , which is a safe temperature for the hair and scalp. For safety purposes, the ceramic structure is also surrounded by plastic bristles that are heat insulated. There also is a springy black insulator placed on each of the teeth, which allows you to brush your hair all the while touching the scalp without having to worry about burns.

Krea is one of the lightest and most energy efficient hair straighteners in the market today. These are the technical details.

Heater Type: MCH - Korean Tourmaline
Rated Power: 50W
Rate Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Rate Voltage: 100-200 V (Can be used with any 2-pin plug points)
Temp Indicator: LED Digital
Net Weight: 400 Gms
Dimensions: 30x6.3x4.1 cms

Yes. The brush is made of top quality tourmaline ceramic material.

It takes only 30 seconds to heat up for optimal use.

The cable is 9 feet long and comes with 360 degrees swivelling for easier usability.

The optimum temperature for straightening hair is 180 degrees celsius. But KREA gives you the flexibility to change temperatures between 80-230 degrees celsius and save your custom set temperature with an LED display and controls.

NEVER! The KREA brush is safer than most other straighteners in the market.

In its current form, the KREA brush suits most hair types. Though the duration might change with respect to different hair characteristics, KREA will dramatically reduce the straightening time and provide a pleasant hair straightening experience.

NO. Always remember that the brush must be used only on dry hair. The hair must also be clear of moisturizers and any other chemicals that aren't supposed to be used with heat.

Just like any other electrical appliance, KREAis not supposed to be used in a wet environment.

The KREA brush must be cleaned only when it has cooled off and is disconnected from the socket. You can use a damp cloth (or a toothbrush) to clean it.

Yes. You can use the brush to shape your hair inwards and outwards.

Yes, KREA comes with a ONE (1) Year replacement warranty. Please contact us in case your product becomes defective or malfunctions due to faulty workmanship within 1 year from the date of purchase.

Warranty details:
If you want to claim warranty, please submit the proof of the purchase you have made. This must be in the form of your purchase details.

Please note that this warranty is not applicable to any accessories that are supplied along with the product.

Only the original purchaser can avail this warranty, and this warranty is not transferable.

Replacement products, for the remaining time of the warranty period, will be covered by a limited warranty.

Note that your warranty is void if:

  • The product is damaged, dropped, or has come in contact with water.
    Any specific part of the product is tampered with or opened.
  • The product is used for any industrial, trade, hire or professional purposes - or anything else apart from what is stated in KREA’s marketing literature.
  • The product has been damaged due to any foreign objects, or by accident.
    IMPORTANT: Note that the defective product or parts alone will be replaced under this warranty.


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